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“Do we do Weddings?”

As you likely know; we are a FESTIVAL, Brunch & Events company.

We’ve been asked so on many occasions “Do you do weddings?” and the answer is now: “YES WE DO”…

BUT…  we don’t just do weddings… we bring the same high energy party atmosphere that we would give on our festivals… to Your Wedding.. 

We have worked tirelessly to create, what we feel, is the perfect all day wedding package.

Who are you talking to…?

My name is Alec, I sing and play Sax in All Things Nice.

I look after our private hire clients such as yourself.

I personally answer every email, text or call. You won’t be passed between employee’s, unfamiliar with the specifics of your wedding.

My aim is to ensure stress free, bespoke entertainment to suit your needs.

We, at All Things Nice, take your wedding personally and seriously, after all it’s the most important day of your life!

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- Belvior Castle -

A historic gem in the heart of England

- Cotton Beach Club -

Serene Ibiza destination venue.

- Stoke Park -

Prestigious Stoke Park Country Club

- Lido Di Lenno -

On the shore of Lake Como

Package Options

Each package consists of extremely high level, festival quality entertainment. – DJ, Sax, Female Vocals & Bongos.

The Power Hour (60mins)

We start with our most budget friendly package; A simple, efficient, addition to your wedding.

 This package has been designed for the client that has already booked a DJ and would just like to add something extra to their wedding and really elivate the evening to that party atmosphere. With this package, we would arrive 30mins before our performance time, connect out equipment to your DJ’s system, then perform.

Evening Only (19:00-00:00)

A prollific party, epic energy & immersive performance.

With this package, we will at the end of your wedding breakfast and set up while your venue is doing the ‘Turn Around’ ready for the evening. Once set up, will play background music until your First Dance.

After your First Dance we will launch into an continuous, epic, party from 20:00-00:00! We will join you and your guests on the dance floor, you will feel part of the music with our extremely immersive entertainemnt.

All Day Package “12 till 12”

This package speaks for itself; It’s All Day… A continuous soundscape that perfetly pairs with each section of your wedding.

Ceremony, Drinks Reception, Wedding Breakfast, Soirée & Evening Reception… We have you covered from before your first step down the Aisle to your last step on the dance floor. 

We LOVE weddings, and with our All Day Package we feel like a part of your wedding not just an addition. Our aim is to give you that ‘BEST DAY EVER’ feeling!

We arrive as a team at 12:00 and set up for the different sections of your day at the various locations within your venue. We pride ourselves on our seamlessness. For example; when it’s time to move from your Drinks Reception to your Wedding Breakfast, there’s no break in the music… It seems to move with you, perfectly, seamlessly from location to location and adopts the new style, genre, vibe of this new part of your special day.

In our opinion the best addition to any wedding is…. amazing music. Music that makes you feel, music that makes you happy, music that makes you love and of course; music that makes you dance!

This is exactly what we aim to provide for you. 


Solo Female Vocalist, Solo Sax, or Duo

Guest Arrival – 20mins


Solo Female Vocalist, Solo Sax, or Duo

Drinks Reception

DJ & Sax – Ibiza, Beach, Summer Vibes


Wedding Breakfast

Female Vocalist – Soulful Dinner Music


The Soirée

Solo Sax-Vocalist – Custom Remix’s

60min as evening guests arrive

First Dance

Sax Accompaniment

Ususally around 20:00

Evening Party

DJ, Sax, Bongos & Female Vocals

Living mixing from 20:00 – 00:00

Relax & Enjoy

A continuous soundscape, music that compliments each section of your wedding day from before your arrival to the last song of the night.


Peace Of Mind

Knowing that we will be there ensuring the smooth transition of both location, style and set up of music throughout your day.

Knowing that everything is in hand, gives you the relaxation to simply enjoy yourselves as you deserve to… after all, it’s your wedding! 🙂

Stress Free – All Day

Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Drinks Reception, Wedding Breakfast, Soirée & Evening.

When not performing personally, I will be on hand every second of the day should you need me. I will liaise with your venue to ensure a smooth and seamless transition between areas and the different parts of your wedding day.

From the second you arrive to the second you leave you don’t have to worry about music, your entertainment is in good hands with All Things Nice.


Thank You

We look forward to hearing from you.