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No flights needed, All Things Nice brings Ibiza to You!

All Things Nice | Ibiza Live
The Orsett Showground | Essex
Saturday 15th July


• Easy Love • Sweet Lovin’ •
• Came Here For Love •
• Give Me Your Love •
• Wish You Well •

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Cafe Mambo | Ibiza Rocks


Ministry Of Sound | Marbella Collection


THE Voice of Ibiza!! Strings Of Life

All Things Nice Presents 2023 after it’s incredible debut festival at the stunning The Orsett Showground, Essex. we are returning for what we can promise to be bigger, better, louder and memorable,

We’ve orchestrated a memorable event with a mixture of Live Music including the huge, global headline artist SIGALA, Lavish Food and Exceptional Drinks, with a few of our classic surprise touches.

We are forever looking to improve our festival!

We have listened to our audience, you can expect TWO MAIN BARS, We have added BAR STATIONS and BOTTLE BINS and we have added MORE TOILETS to our newly improved 2023 festival.

We are officially bringing that Ibiza/Marbella vibe to Essex



Thank you for considering attending our festival. We kindly request that you carefully consider your purchase before buying a ticket, as we have implemented a No-Refund Policy. Once you have purchased a ticket, your place is reserved exclusively for you. Occasionally, we may offer exciting promotional deals. Please note that our no-refund policy extends to promotional & non-promotional tickets. We won’t issue refunds on non-promotional tickets so you can purchase from the promotion. Congratulations if you do manage to take advantage of our promotions, you can secure your ticket at a special discounted price. We appreciate your understanding and value your commitment to our events. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.

*Artist Performance Contingency: The Promoter, All Things Nice, hereby delineates its role as solely being responsible for the booking of artists for the scheduled festival. All Things Nice will undertake reasonable efforts to ensure the attendance and performance of the booked artists. Notwithstanding, All Things Nice shall not be held liable or accountable for the non-appearance, non-performance, or tardiness of any artists due to circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to travel complications, personal issues, or any other unforeseen complications that may prevent the artist from attending or performing at the festival. In such an event, no refunds shall be provided to ticket holders. All attendees are to acknowledge and accept this term as part of their ticket purchase agreement.